So...who is the best group?

Email me your answers to the following questions about the deaths of famous psychologists, and we'll see...


1. Anarchist, male model, hypnotist. Who? When?

2. Who made up 16 bogus personalities, and made a fortune, and when did they die?

3. ZPD...KGB...TB. Who? When? How?

4. "So, what you're saying is that you're dead." Who? When?

5. Died right on schedule. Who? When? With how may APA points?

6. "Why not?...Yeah!" Who? When? Where? Who got the leftovers? Where is he (or at least seven grammes of him) now?

7. He cheated several generations of schoolchildren, but he couldn't cheat death. Who? When?

8. PRIZE QUESTION! A fiver for anyone who can find out what the score was when RD Laing died playing tennis at St Tropez (proof required).

We have a winner for the last question! Suzanne Dellar of Stirling University writes to say it was 4-1 to Ronnie in the first set, and that she found the info on the web page of someone (Mike Maran) who's doing a play about Laing at the Edinburgh Festival. I emailed him to verify and got the following, interesting, response:

"It's on the last page of Adrian Laing's biography of his father - it may be in other biographies too.
"However, don't you think that stories told about people as they are dying, especially their dying words (in Laing's case, when he was asked if he wanted a doctor he replied 'What fucking doctor? ...and then died) should be taken with a pinch of salt. Before he went out to play tennis in the middle of the day under a very hot sun on the Cote d'Azur, with a younger man, he made love with Margueritta and told her he thought it would be today. He had seen the moment of his death in a dream - it came hurtling towards him like a spear out of a blue sky. It turned out to be a tennis ball. I feel uncomfortable when people retell these stories as if they were gospel - and I know that my retelling of the '4-1 up in the first set when he died' story only serves to make it more true.
"Do you think she or any of your students would like to come and see the show in Edinburgh in August? Dates and times as well as tennis result on the website"