Fun things to do this Christmas


AS Social Psychology test

a) What is meant by the terms ‘obedience to authority’, ‘ecological validity’ and ‘informed consent’? (2 + 2 + 2 marks)
b) Explain how people might resist obedience. (6 marks)
c) “Laboratory studies of obedience are rarely convincing, either in the deception of participants, or their ability to explain obedience in the real world.”
Consider whether such criticisms of the validity of obedience research are justified.
(18 marks)


AS Conformity/Obedience report write-up

Do it!


A2 Debates in Psychology

Over the Christmas break, read the chapter in your favourite textbook on Debates in Psychology: free will v. determinism, reductionism, psychology as science and whatever the last bit is called (I can’t remember and I don’t have the syllabus on me as I type). Take notes.

This bit of the syllabus is really interesting (honest!), but not very exciting to do in class. You will also get you extra marks in the second exam paper if you can refer to some of the concepts in this chapter (and I’m not kidding).


A2 TV effects Assignment

Due on: 8/1/02

TV — a good thing or a bad thing?

Your essay should be no more than 3.5 pages long. It should be imaginative, and credit will be given for making me laugh. Illustrations and pictures are encouraged. Be opinionated, arrogant and pompous. Lie if it helps to drive home your point.

The Gunter handout + all the usual (and preferably unusual) sources. If you can get any primary evidence — from the British Broadcasting Council or leading academics in the field, for example — you will almost certainly get an A+.


And then have a ripping Christmas...ho, ho, ho!