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Psychometrics (mental measurement) rapidly gained ground as statistical techniques improved and particularly as computers became commonplace. (This is a good example of developments in technology leading to changes in research methods and theory building.) The use of psychometrics to examine individual differences has been crucial to the growth of psychology as an empirical and scientific discipline. Initially driven by education policies and recruitment into the military, increasingly sophisticated psychometric techniques developed over the course of the twentieth century. This has facilitated the development of all kinds of psychological tests and led to a highly profitable industry. There are now many established tests of aptitude, intelligence and personality which are used for research and in applied settings such as education, occupational testing for job selection, career counselling and in forensic psychology and clinical practice.

(From Kerry Thomas, The individual differences approach to personality, in Miell, Phoenix and Thomas (2002), Mapping Psychology l, The Open University.)


Above is a description of psychometric testing, its origins and how it is currently used. In a TMA on the measurement of ‘Personality’, you realise that you need to mention something on psychometric tests, so you look at this information. You have decided that you are just going to put in a short paragraph on it. Say three sentences or so. Using the above extract, write the paragraph. Remember if you use a sentence or even a part of a sentence verbatim then you must put it in quotation marks and reference it. If you do not then it is plagiarism.

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