Putting all this information into tables

You might try putting all the stuff you've condensed from the summaries into three tables: one for theories, one for methods and one for themes.

Here's how it might look for theories (I've only filled in a few cells — you'll have to do the hard work yourself if you want to learn anything):

The headings on the methods table might be: Methodology (e.g., experiments, introspection, reverse engineering, etc.); Types of data (behavioural, material, symbolic, but with a bit of detail/examples); Insider/Outsider.

The headings on the themes table might be: Uniqueness vs. Sameness vs. Variations along dimensions; Humanness vs. We're-just-another-species; Fixed vs. Changeable (long-term vs. short-term change); Nature vs. Nurture; Determinism vs. Free will.

But try a few variations and see what works best for you.

Good luck!

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