Summarising the Commentaries

The Commentary at the end of each chapter is based around three headings: Theory (what approaches/perspectives are used), Method and Themes ("humanness", fixity v. change and nature/nurture). Not all chapters have something under each heading. This series of web pages gives a summary of the information given in the Commentaries for chapters 1 to 9 and then provides a template so that you can produce your own comprehensive summary of these summaries and include relevant information where these bits are missing from the text books and for the chapters I haven't summarised here.

You can use this information in general exam questions where you are asked to compare topics along these dimensions, and you can also use them in more specific questions to show you have a grasp of how that topic relates to other theories and where it fits into psychology as a whole.

Chapter 1 Identity

Chapter 2 Evolutionary

Chapter 3 Learning

Chapter 4 Biological

Chapter 5 Personality

Chapter 6 Perception and attention

Chapter 7 Social cognition

Chapter 8 Memory

Chapter 9 Psychoanalytic and humanistic