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Here's a report from the Nuffield Council of Bioethics on the arguments for, against and in-between using animals in research.
See this woman dissect a brain and show you what the various bits do.
See what happens to your synapses when you take various "substances".

School under attack?
No problem!
Just Duck and Cover!

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Also, click here if you want to see what kind of blast your picnic blanket will have to withstand.

The latest guidelines from the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE...geddit???) for the treatment and management of eating disorders can be downloaded by clicking on their logo.

Click on Jack to read about the reliability of diagnoses of mental problems

Can't see the point of Social Constructionism? Neither can I and, more importantly, neither can the Professor of Philosophy at Reading University. Read what he has to say about another book of constructionist "nonsense" in this Guardian article.

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The Monkeybusiness Project

Big Phil is President of the American Psychological
Association. Click on him to see how he thinks psychology has made the world a better place.

Careers in Psychology

Here are some things you might like to do with your life

The British Psychological Society's Careers page

The American Psychologcial Association's Careers page

Kinds of therapist you can be
(you can also get therapy on this site)

Margaret cares about your career

A brilliant guide from the Psychology Department at Sussex University

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find a special Christmas gift, just for you.

Claire's mum's brains
(The Smiths' brains are naturally very big, so they could take a while to download)

UVI coursework-writers and LVI presenters will find the report-writing checklist useful for ensuring they've covered everything in the right order and in the right section.

How to use them properly

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